Precast Concrete Products

PermEntry ® Basement Door

Consisting of a precast concrete stairwell and a Bilco basement door, PermEntry is the fastest and most economical way to add convenient, direct basement access to any home. PermEntry is ideal for new home construction and can be delivered and installed by a Bilco PermEntry dealer in just a few hours.

Precast Concrete Steps

Precast concrete steps are an attractive and long-lasting entrance to any homes or business. Their tailor-made dimensions and lightweight design makes for an easy installation process. Fazzio is the areas largest manufacture of precast steps. Extremely durable and compliant with all international building and residential codes. Their customizable widths and landing sizes make precast concrete steps a clear choice.

Concrete Bin Block

Bin block are designed to interlock and stack for heavy-constructed concrete walls, material stockpile bins or barriers. Concrete wall block manufactured by Fazzio are an appealing, stable solution for your build.

Length        Width        Height

8 ft       x       2 ft       x       2 ft

6 ft       x       2 ft       x       2 ft

4 ft       x       2 ft       x       2 ft

Precast Parking Barriers

We manufacture high quality precast concrete parking bumpers that offer superior service life and durability. Also known as parking block, wheel stops, curb stops or bumper blocks. Conform to most building codes and are constructed with 5000 psi concrete, double #3 bar and anchor holes cast through.

Length        Width        Height

6 ft       x       9 in       x       5 in

Concrete Splash Block

Reinforced Concrete A/C Pads

Septic Tank Lids