Imperial Rustic Double Faced Wall

This strikingly handcrafted wall, with three lengths and two heights, features a finished face on both sides to create  a natural, stone-like appearance. At a fraction of the cost of other double face options, this is a truly versatile choice for seating, raised patios, fire pits, columns, and garden and retaining walls, even if just one side will be exposed.

Coventry Wall III

Our new Coventry Wall III system was developed with unequaled versatility in mind with features such as a 3-length wall system and availability in two heights for a variety of design options. Both sides are finished, so it can be utilized for single and double sided walls at a price point that’s easy on the wallet.

Double Sided Coventry Wall

EP Henry’s Double Sided Coventry Wall is a beautiful free-standing wall solution with an aged rustic appearance. With 5 lengths and 3” and 6” heights, it offers great design flexibility: use all 3”units, all 6” units or combine 3” and 6” units for a natural random stone look. It uses a pin system and comes in four of our most popular blends: Autumn, Dakota, Harvest and Pewter Blend.

Double Sided Tudor Wall

The Split Face version of our popular Double Sided Coventry® Wall, Double Sided Tudor Wall is a 5-length, 2 height wall system with a crisper, clean look. Offered in the same colors and design options as Double Sided Coventry® Wall: Autumn Blend, Dakota Blend, Harvest Blend and Pewter Blend.