Air Entrainment

Air entrainment is essential to produce lasting concrete in climates in which concrete will be exposed to freezing and thawing cycles. These microscopic air cells relieve internal pressure on concrete by providing tiny, ball bearing like chambers for water to expand into when it freezes. Air entrainment in concrete improves workability, pump-ability and permeability.


Non Air Entrained

A hard-trowel finish may be selected to produce a hard, smooth surface that has density from steel troweling. Repeated passes will result in a burnished finish, which has a mirror-like appearance. Not suitable for outside applications due to freeze thaw and likelihood to be slippery when wet.



Accelerates the setting time of concrete especially in cold weather conditions.  Accelerators increase the rate of strength gain in concrete, especially in early stages – referred to as high early strengths.

Faster strength gains allows for earlier finishing operations and ultimately more efficient construction.  Accelerators allows for faster service times and access of traffic areas. In many instances, minimal disruption is critical when repairing or replacing concrete pavement.


Non – Chloride

Set-accelerator recommended when steel reinforcement is present. High concentrations of chloride ions have the tendency to increase the corrosion of embedded steel.


Calcium – Chloride

Robust set-accelerator most effective for faster setting times and strength development.



Set-retarders create a more uniform and predicable concrete. Used to slow down the setting time of concrete to allow flexibility in the time of placement and finishing operations. Useful in hot-weather and during prolonged unloading times.


Water Reducer

Achieve increased slumps for greater workability and ease of placement without additional water. Reducing the total amount of water needed to achieve a desired slump improves the strength and set time of the concrete while also reduces the amount of bleed water and possible problems with cracking.


Super P

Achieve higher slumps in the range of 6 – 8″. Flowing, pourable, easy placed concrete that water to cement ratio is unaffected. Adding higher performance strengths, faster finishing times and less cracking.


Corrosion Inhibitor

Used in steel-reinforced, post-tensioned and prestressed concrete that will come in contact with chlorides from deicing salts, soils or a marine environment.


Moisture Vapor Reduction

Eliminate the route of moisture vapor emission through concrete slabs. The chemical reaction restricts the integral capillary system to form a permanent barrier (capillary break)