Fiber Mesh is a unique technology that serves as a secondary reinforcement by creating additional bonding within the concrete network. Fiber reinforcement enhances long-term durability, improves toughness, and reduces plastic shrinkage cracking. Fiber Mesh is introduced into the concrete at loading for even distribution throughout.


Micro-synthetic fibers protect concrete from cracking during the time when they are most likely to occur, the first 24 hours after placement. Micro fibers finish virtually invisible and are the preferred choice when aesthetics are especially important. Micro fibers may be used as an alternative to welded wire fabric but not as a replacement for structural or post-crack control steel reinforcement.


“Structural fibers” serve to replace welded wire mesh and conventional reinforcing rebar. Macro fibers enhance concrete like typical fibers, but also add tensile and bending resistance that is equivalent to steel reinforcement. Applications of macro fibers include commercial concrete slabs in distribution centers, warehouses and pavements.


Fiber Mesh Reinforcement contributes to an overall higher quality of concrete in almost all cast in place applications. Also used in shotcrete, stucco, toppings and overlays.

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